We go through life attempting to do life right.  By the type of car we drive, the size house we live in, the right job, to the right partners in life.  We believe all of this “doing” will make us feel ALIVE.  Instead it leaves us feeling stressed, overwhelmed, stuck, smothered, and alone. 

We look at our lives, relationships, and everything around us and begin thinking: 

Is this all there is to life? 

Wasn’t all of this to make us feel happy and fulfilled? 

That voice inside of us is quickly silenced.  We continue proceeding through this so-called life of discontent, stress, and remorse. Waking up the next morning to do it all over again.  Until one day the little voice is so loud that we are conflicted as to what to do.  The stress has mounted up and the anxiety is so unbearable that we break.    

I reached a breaking point a few years ago.  Seven years ago I was diagnosed with an illness that changed my life.  While it didn’t literally kill me I felt dead inside.  My entire life was stripped from me and I had to learn to do life completely different.  A few years into recovery I begin to listen to the faint voice and contemplate new thoughts and ideas. 

When we stop denying ourselves and instead abandon society’s expectations of how we should live, we come into our own.  We find who we are, our authentic, beautiful self.  This very voice I began to realize was from within, my authentic self. 

Pursuing this path of following my intuition led me to the MasterKey Experience.  At first I was skeptical but that little voice inside me knew the MasterKey had something I wanted.  I found out after the first few weeks of beginning this journey that everything in life begins with thought.  The very thought that said “go for it” with the MasterKey Experience was my authentic self leading me to the next part of my journey.  


“We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

-Joseph Campbell