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February 23, 2020

Week 19- Opening New Dimensions of Consciousness

I feel Week 19 in the Master Key-Haanel was beginning to lay out step by step directions. These directions are very subtle or it may be that I am gaining a better understanding of the information, but it seemed as though they were more of a descriptive instruction manual.

I continued my reads and sits as usual and then I took it step further. I broke each section down, asking questions, writing out a different form of what I thought Haanel was saying and then meditated on the notes. I would continue to read and reread the Master Key and my notes, compare and expand.

I have known that nothing is separate or at least I thought I knew. Yet, there was a deeper understanding that took place within me on separation. That if nothing is separate, and the power comes from within, we do have everything we need. Becoming more conscious of these principles, learning to access the power, and recognize that everything is all “One”, could possibly open new dimensions of consciousness.


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  • Great post, it is interesting to read your post, setting out each part and asking questions and taking notes from it and meditating on it, makes a lot of sense to me, even if I have not tried it like you describe, I am so happy you have found a way that makes the chapter more meaningful for you. After all, we are to become self-directed thinkers. Great work, go on, and enjoy the journey. Thanks for sharing this method.

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