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February 20, 2020

Week 18- Greed, a Mental Illness

This week we were instructed to watch one of the following movies, “Finding Joe” or “I Am”. I ended up watching both. Finding Joe was an extraordinary explanation of the Hero’s Journey’s. It really was about “Finding You”.

The movie focused on the key components of Joseph Campbell’s work and what he brought out in people. Moving from what we know to the unknown, or giving up the life you have in order to have the life waiting for you.

The movie “I am” was incredible as well. A Hollywood movie director, Tom Shadyac, (Ace Ventura) had a near death experience and realized the life he had built was not the life he really wanted. He spent the next few years after his accident interviewing spiritual teachers, successful business owners and people that have found their own purpose in life.

One of the key topics Tom touched on was greed and how our country focuses so much on stuff. Having the biggest house, most land, fancy car, and private planes. Tom went to the extent of calling this greed a mental illness. Having more than what is needed to live a successful life. This is the first time I have heard of mental illness in this way, but it also made since. While I do not think having nice things is wrong, I guess at times it does seem to be a little excessive for people to own 3 or 4 massive homes.

Each of these movies helped put in prospective that each individual person on this earth is here for a purpose. We have a choice in life, to continue life as is or listen to the call and follow your bliss!

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  • Great Post, the two movies was so great to watch. I got so much joy from them myself. I think by reading your post here, you did too. Enjoy the ride of the Hero’s Journey.

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